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Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth (CLLMM) Research Centre

Our vision

A regionally-based research collaboration, located in Goolwa, South Australia, providing opportunity for increased involvement of First Nations and community in the design, delivery and dissemination of knowledge to inform decision making of the region.

Wetland ecosystem in the Lower Lakes region

Meet the team behind the CLLMM Research Centre

Research boat sitting in the water in the Lower Lakes resion

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Reeds in wetland ecosystem found in Lower Lakes

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Boats in the Goolwa Channel

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Aboriginal people are the First Peoples and Nations of South Australia. The Coorong, connected waters and surrounding lands have sustained unique First Nations cultures since time immemorial.

The CLLMM Research Centre acknowledges the range of First Nations’ rights, interests and obligations for the Coorong and connected waterways and the cultural connections that exist between Ngarrindjeri Nations and First Nations of the South-East peoples across the region and seeks to support their equitable engagement.

Aboriginal peoples’ spiritual, social, cultural and economic practices come from their lands and waters, and they continue to maintain their cultural heritage, economies, languages and laws which are of ongoing importance.

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