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We are establishing a locally-driven, innovative and impactful research portfolio that is developed and delivered in an inclusive, collaborative manner to promote knowledge exchange and sharing whilst building capacity across the region. The research plan is being developed using a multi-faceted participatory approach to identify the research priorities for the CLLMM region.  


The CLLMM Research Centre will develop and deliver a portfolio of flagship, foundational, knowledge sharing and main research projects. Flagship projects are those that strongly align with the overarching themes of the CLLMM Research Centre, with focuses on ‘climate adaptation’, ‘ecosystem services’ and ‘reconnecting the waters’. They will guide transformative change in knowledge and understanding of community, First Nations and stakeholders across the region. A series of short-term foundational research projects will be involve stakeholder engagement, review of current knowledge and the identification of research priorities, for key focus areas, including: ‘waterbirds’, First Nations’, ‘iconic species’, ‘blue carbon opportunities’ and a ‘horizon scan for emerging issues’. The research priorities identified across these foundational research projects will shape longer-term research projects implemented over the duration of the CLLMM Research Centre.' The knowledge sharing projects will focus on innovative ways to share and generate knowledge with identified priorities relating to the culturally significant ‘Ngurunderi the Creator story’, ‘Immersive experience as a platform to convey changes across the region’ and ‘citizen science opportunities’. The main body of work will involve research projects that reflect the outcomes of foundational projects, stakeholder engagement and emerging issues.  

Research Themes

Flagship Projects

Foundational Projects

How to read the project status updates?

Each project will have a project status diagram, like this one below. These will be updated every quarter and will be included on management reports, the website and relevant project updates. 

Iconic spp scoping stages for dark-03.png

This color matches the 'Research Theme' that the project belongs to, in this case 'Threatened Species & Biodiversity'.

This icon corresponds to each project. This icon is for the 'Iconic Species' project.

The shaded areas of the diagram represent the current stage of the project. Here, the planning and approval stage has been completed and the project is currently in the first portion of its delivery phase. 

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