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A state-of-the-art virtual reality platform will be developed to enhance the general public’s appreciation of the value and understanding of the region and to support planning for the region. The platform will be complementary to fields visits to the region, allowing users to explore the region in greater detail remotely than what can be achieved in the field. Users will be able to explore information on the cultural, economic, environmental and social values of the region through four interactive portals: 1) Natural history; 2) Current conditions and the conditions faced during the Millennium Drought (1998-2010); 3) Benefits of Environmental Flows; 4) Climate Futures. This will include the capacity to consider environmental water provision scenarios (such as habitat availability of key species) and future climate scenarios to support planning for both short and long-term timeframes. In addition, it will provide capacity for researchers use the platform to support the design of Science Projects and to engage the community on findings and outcomes of projects (e.g. potential climate impacts and adaptation measures). The platform will have mobile facilities that can be used in all engagement activities of the Research Hub, including outside of the region. This will include the Community Science Forums and school education sub-program.

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