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CLLMM Research Centre joins forces with Goolwa Secondary College to assist in eDNA sampling.

The CLLMM Research Centre and Goolwa Secondary College have recently joined the effort to further understand the presence of threatened aquatic species in the Lower Lakes of South Australia.

This citizen science led initiative (the Great Australian Wildlife Search) spans the Murray-Darling Basin with 420 sites in total, 50 in South Australia alone, with the goal to capture a snapshot of which species are present around the region.

The CLLMM Research Centre’s Science Program Manager, Dr Nick Whiterod, and the Communications and Engagement Coordinator, Dr Tiffany Nay, joined 20 students at Amelia Park to conduct the environmental DNA sampling. Water is filtered through a disk, collecting any DNA found in the sample. The disk is sent off for analysis and in coming months we should learn which species were found in the sample.

The Research Centre is very excited to begin working with schools around the region, connecting students to research and the beautiful Coorong, Lower Lakes and Murray Mouth environment.

For more information and to get involved in our school programs, visit here or contact Dr Tiffany Nay at


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